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Grand Opening
Hello everyone!

First off I would like to welcome you all to 
Phoenix Servers.
Im sure most of you already know eachother from GR, and while we all miss it we can only look to the future now, and hope for the best.
We have had a rough few days getting through web issues and server bugs
but im glad to say our first server is up and running. I know its upsetting that it isnt HL2RP or Starwars RP like many of you want, but the rest of the staff and myself want to ensure that those two servers are the BEST they can be. So I invite you all to play our first server while we work to bring you the best RP experiences possible.
And that server is is.....
I hope that this server will be popular among the community as a way to get away from the serious nature of RP when we all want to just relax and play something simple and fun, and prophunt is the perfect thing for that.
The IP for the prophunt server is
You can download the content pack by clicking on the Prophunt category of the forums and clicking on "Content Pack"

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