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Cojo's Staff App
Steam Username: Cojo

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:42078483

Time on the server: ~1 Week (Couldn't get an exact number.)

Any experience as staff? (list rank and the server): I was staff on a military RP server about a month ago, I was a Super Admin on that. The Server name is REV Gaming

Any experience staffing a Clockwork based server?: Not on a Clockwork Server but on a Nut Script server I have.

What do you have to offer as a staff member?: I am currently on summer break from school, so I have a lot of time on my hands to play the server. I also have upwards of ~600 hours on Garry's Mod. I have a lot of knowledge on ULX.

You see a long-time player and donator to the server use OOC information ICly. He threatens to stop donating if you punish him with a three-day ban. How do you solve this, as an Operator?: I tell him that they are breaking a rule, and that just because they are a donator and a regular does not mean that they can just go break rules. I would tell him that if he wants a higher-up to look at the situation I would get one.

Someone joins the server, and his character name is without capitals. His description is also really weird. He is either a minge or a very new/young player. What do you do. as Operator?: I would approach him in-game, and ask if he is a new player. If he is a new player, I would explain the basics of HL2RP and explain the game play mechanics. If he is a minge, I would wait until he actually broke a rule, like punch-whoring, etc. , Then I would kick him. If he came back doing the same stuff, I would then result to banning him.

You notice a person walking around with a big weapon. Upon searching his inventory with the propper command, you find he has alot of items of this nature. Very rare items, like ammo, lots of food, and lots of weaponry. You can be in no way sure if he hacked these in or not, and no other staff member is able to find on the logs weather he did or not. Neither does anyone really know for sure if he got them ICly or if he hacked them in. He has a decent amount of playtime on the server, but only joined three weeks ago. What do you do, as Operator, if anything at all?: I wouldn't do anything at the time, I would let the other staff know that this player looks fishy and to keep an eye on him. If he did however obtain them by hacking, I would instantly ban him.

You see a player joining, and instantly notice all his stats are maxed out, and he has alot of equipment. The logs show he is hacking everything in. He, however, threatens to DDos the server if you don't let him 'play how he wants too', and is basically threatening to down the entire server if you don't give him his way. What do you, as an Operator, do about this?: I would instantly ban him, letting a higher up know ASAP, that this guy has threaten to DDoS the server, and to let the server provider know what is going on. Any threats of DDoSing or hacking are not to be taken lightly.

Do you understand as an Operator you must be active for at least 4 hours a week on your server: Yes, I do.
Do you understand you must be up to date with all of server rules: Yes, I do.

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